• Structural Concrete

    Whether it is foundation systems for commercial buildings or heavy structural concrete for the superstructure of high rise buildings, we specialize in all aspects of structural concrete from cast-in-place walls up to and exceeding 20’, to shoring systems for elevated decks and beams and building cores.  Our teams of accomplished professionals and craftsmen have the ability to create any concrete structure that can be designed.

  • Architectural Concrete

    Our broad experience with colored concrete, form-liners and custom concrete finishes make the McAlvain the best choice for your custom concrete needs.

  • Heavy Civil

    McAlvain Concrete has a long track record of completing heavy civil concrete projects specializing in all aspects of heavy industrial and DOT concrete work.  Our self-perform crews have extensive experience with bridge construction, superstructure foundation installation, concrete barrier rails, retaining walls, MSE walls and copings, above and below grade concrete water reservoirs, water treatment and storage facilities and all manner of dams and diversion structures.

    Concrete paving is an integral part of DOT projects.  McAlvain owns all the equipment necessary for performing concrete paving work, from Bidwell paving machines, to roller screeds.  In the past 5 years we have completed over 30,000+ SY of concrete paving on various projects around the Northwest.

    Heavy Civil projects often need to be completed in unique and challenging locations such as within river channels or irrigation canals.  McAlvain has successfully completed many projects in these unique locations regarded throughout our areas of work for our quality, efficiency and cost effective solutions.   Recent projects completed in many different river systems and irrigations canals around the Northwest highlight our competency with completing challenging concrete projects in unique locations and always in an environmentally compliant manner.

  • Tilt-up

    McAlvain has been completing tilt-up concrete construction projects of all shapes and sizes for as long as we have been in business.  Our formwork crews have deep experience with onsite casting of tilt-up panels, MSE walls with integrated metal studs all with any arrangement of reveal strips, embed requirements, concrete thickness or colors.

  • Flatwork/Slabs

    Whether it be 1,000,000 SF or just 5000 SF, our extensive experience with concrete placement methods and finishing of concrete slabs makes us uniquely qualified for producing a slab to the quality and specifications that a client requires.  Our fleet of concrete riders, finishing machines and our crews of ACI certified concrete finishers make McAlvain Concrete the perfect choice when a beautiful and functional concrete slab will be the centerpiece of your new commercial project or industrial facility.

  • Post-Tension Concrete

    Post tensioned concrete decks are the backbone of many concrete structures being built around the country today.  Whether it is a concrete parking garage or a multi-leveled concrete building, McAlvain has the experience and expertise to execute a post-tensioned concrete project.  In the past 3 years alone, McAlvain has shored, formed, poured and stressed over 300,000+ SF of post-tensioned concrete structures.

  • Reconditioning & Retrofit

    McAlvain Concrete has been completing concrete reconditioning jobs for as long as we have been pouring concrete.  We have the ability to rehabilitate aging concrete to revitalize its strength and integrity to ensure that your current structure will last for another 50 years.

    As commercial building codes become stricter throughout the years, retro-fit projects have become a necessity to ensure that concrete building stay current with updated building codes.  Whether it be a seismic retro-fit or a repurposing of a concrete facility for a new use, McAlvain is your best choice for unique concrete retro-fit projects.

  • Formwork & Shoring

    McAlvain Concrete owns and utilizes a wide variety of concrete forming and shoring materials.  We have broad and deep experience with all aspects of vertical concrete forming.  Our crews specialize in utilizing traditional handset wood forming systems, modular concrete forming systems, 1-sided formwork systems and differing radius configurations in order to complete any kind of vertical concrete work.  Shoring of concrete is critical to the success and execution of any concrete project.  McAlvain is the premier concrete shoring contractor in our Northwest region with the ability to self-perform any type of concrete shoring project.  With experience in shoring and pouring concrete decks over 30’ above the ground, no job is too tall or too complicated for our deeply experienced crews to tackle.