Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP)

JUMP-02Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) is a 221,500 sf interactive creative center and community gathering place located in the heart of Downtown Boise.  The center includes gathering spaces, activity studios, parks and amphitheater on 7 and a half acres.  McAlvain was contracted to construct phase 1 of the underground concrete parking structure as well as the concrete superstructure of the building.  The underground structure is a 190,000 sf cast in place parking that required 17,194 CY of concrete.  The garage is designed to independently support the multi-story JUMP Building to be constructed above.  The superstructure is a 221,500 sf 5 level building that required 8,728 CY of Concrete.  The is included 90,000 sq ft of PT Decks, Double Reversing Helix Ramp Structure and grand pioneer staircase.  McAlvain also completed 128,761 sf of site concrete paving with vehicle traffic concrete, paving with sandblast finish, color accent bands and radius concrete seat walls at planter beds and amphitheater.

JUMP is a one-of-a-kind project.  Calculated pre-planning went in to the sequencing and task preparation for a myriad of complex concrete activities performed on the site including: ramp, column, and vehicle barrier wall placement sequencing on the unique double helix structure with crisscrossing up and downward ramps; post-tensioned elevated deck and beam placement; steel coordination between reinforcing steel and structural steel installation to the helix columns; massive shoring and re-shoring, etc.  “Our crews were spectacular!” says Walt McBrier, VP of Building Construction.  “This work is far more complex than your normal concrete building job.  I am amazed at the safety, speed and skill of the work performed by our concrete crews.”


  • McAlvain received a 2016 Excellence in Concrete Award from the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Intermountain Chapter in recognition of the level of difficulty, expertise of services performed and quality achieved in the unique complex concrete structures required for the Jack’s Urban Meeting Place.


  • Over 26,000 CY were placed during our work on the JUMP project.  That is equivalent to 100 miles of sidewalk that is 4′ wide and 4″ deep.


  • Helix & PT Decks – 170,550 sq ft
  • Core and Shear Wall – 22,776 sq ft
  • Barrier Rails – 21,670 sq ft
  • SOD – 90,320 sq ft
  • Topping Slabs – 65,000 sq ft (much double layered)

“At the JUMP project in Boise, Idaho, McAlvain put in place for us some of the most complex and challenging concrete structures that I’ve seen in my 35 year career… definitely up for the challenge!” – John Beck, Hoffman Construction Company