What is BIM? BIM is a process that generates and manages digital representations of buildings and other infrastructures.

Our teams use BIM throughout the construction process, starting in the preconstruction phase. We are strong advocates of extensive planning and coordination between all members of the construction team. We use Revit along with BIM for coordination and clash control. The quicker we can see a problem the quicker we can fix it. We are currently working towards including Vico, software that works with Revit to offer construction sequencing, time, and cost estimate data. This software will equip the owner, project managers, and superintendents with invaluable information regarding their projects.

The owner, project managers, and superintendent will be able to see the best way to construct the project, step by step. The project managers will pay close attention to any problems they can foresee through BIM, and can start planning for them in the beginning stages of the project. This information could not only save money but could save valuable time on the actual duration of the project.