Boise River Whitewater Park Phase 1

The project was completed in multiple phases: (1a) existing river bank reinforcement (1b) reconstruction of Thurman Mill Diversion Concrete Intake Structure, and (1c) construction of new Thurman Mill Concrete Diversion Dam, Installation of wave shapers, bank erosion protection, restoration of riparian areas, and fish and wildlife habitat improvements. Challenges included: In-river construction, full re-route of river (1) the decision to divert the entire river through adjacent Quinn’s pond reduced overall schedule by 1 month (2) a temporary bridge structure was installed to access an island of inaccessible work zone due to re-routing of river. McAlvain worked with the City throughout permitting and design phase and consulted on many design and construction related issues to reduce overall construction costs and expedite critical work. McAlvain developed and maintained a detailed dewatering plan submitted and approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. McAlvain contributed and was involved in fund-raising efforts. The project was completed below budget allowing freed up funds to be used elsewhere on the project.