The 220,000+ sf NewCold Cold Storage Facility in Burley, consists of a high-bay storage Area (also referred to as automatic storage retrieval system), dispatch and dock areas for product sorting and distribution, mechanical support rooms and office space. The high-bay storage consists of product racking, 130 feet tall, with shell supported off this rack much like a curtain wall is supported. A dispatch and dock area serve as support for the high bay storage, where robotic machines pick product and transport them to the dispatch and dock areas. In the dispatch and dock rooms employees aid the robotics to load and unload product onto transportation trucks. The large office space is a support space for the facility and serves as offices for NewCold. Scope of work includes 18,487 CY of concrete in footings, foundations, slab on grade and slab on deck.

Capabilities Utilized:

  • Concrete: 18,487 CY