Rock Creek Dairy Digesters


The Rock Creek Dairy Digesters is an anaerobic digester system designed to process cow manure from a 12,000 head milking cow operation near Filer, Idaho.  The system utilizes 6 reinforced one million gallon concrete vessels which are roughly 80 feet in diameter and approximately 30 feet tall along with a solids building, genset building, reception tanks, and associated process mechanical and electrical systems.  Because the dairy is spread out into 3 locations, this project includes a 1.25 mile long piping system that connects each dairy to the centralized digester and power generation system.   The anaerobic digester system produces biogas which is then converted into energy that can be sold back to the local power company.  Processed manure is re-used as bedding for the dairy and can be sold and/or used as fertilizer.  Once fully operational, the Rock Creek Dairy Digesters will be one of the largest anaerobic digesters in North America.

  • 6,100 CY of Concrete